New Work by Design
New Work by Design

New Work by Design

A community of New Work org designers.

Hi-I'm Manuel. I help founders and
org designers put New Work into practice.


4 ways I can help you

1 | Self-paced online course

A course for putting New Work into practice. Making the way you work the most decisive factor for why people join your company.

This course teaches you how to create your own organizational design based on first principles from psychology and sociology.

It will teach you the approach and the tools that I have used in the past 9 years to support companies transforming to New Work.

Paired with templates and case studies that you can use as starting points, your transformation will be better, faster, and cheaper.

Zero risk: If you feel you didn't get a huge amount more value than you paid for, email me for a 100% refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Language: English
Format: Self-paced online course
Cost: 999€

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2 | In-house workshops 

Learn about and practice one of the NWbD key practices. See video above for an overview.

Duration: ~3 hours
Location: Remote
Format: Group workshop (5-20 ppl)
Language: English or German
Cost: 1000€

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3 | Org design sprint

Understand, sketch, decide, prototype, and test one of your organizational core processes. Do in one week what otherwise takes months.

Input: an organizational process for which you want to implement a solution

Output: a tested solution and a change management strategy to put it into practice

Duration: 5 days
Location: Onsite or remote
Format: Group workshop (3-8 ppl)
Language: English or German
Cost: 6000€ (+ travel expenses if onsite)

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4 | Consulting

Book a consulting session with Manuel.

We will work on the questions and material you bring to the session.

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Remote
Format: 1:1
Language: English or German
Cost: 750€

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What course participants say

Nicola Heckler
Interim Head of People Experience & Senior People Partner

I started my professional career at a FinTech company in Munich that is a pioneer in New Work. After experiencing the advantages of New Work, I was curious and excited to implement it in a new, open-minded environment like my current employer. However, I quickly realized that I lacked some of the necessary tools and guidance to navigate this transition effectively.

The course posed the perfect opportunity, offering a platform for me to deepen my understanding of New Work principles while engaging in meaningful exchanges with fellow participants. What truly resonated with me was the course’s emphasis on practical application. The course website gives an overview and deep dive into the concepts and their general application, while also linking to further resources on how the concepts have been applied at different companies. The monthly group calls were thoughtfully designed to encourage self-reflection, collaboration, and hands-on learning experiences. This active exchange with Manuel and the other participants helped me with real-life situations and challenges and widened my understanding of New Work. The course highlights the value each topic brings to a company, making it easier to turn stakeholders within the organization into ambassadors.

The effects of the course have been nothing but invaluable. By applying the knowledge and strategies I acquired during the course, I have been able to foster positive outcomes and drive meaningful change within my organization in our performance process and the way we give feedback.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of New Work practices. Whether you're dealing with performance optimization, goal alignment, or conflict resolution, this course offers practical solutions and invaluable insights that can make all the difference.

Katja Sommer
Chief of Staff, Office of the CTO

In this course Manuel presents an impressive walk through workplace relevant topics such as Decision Making, Leadership, Goal Alignment, Conflict Resolution, Org Structure, Feedback, Individual Growth and Relationships. He has not only assembled a myriad of frameworks, theories and best practices, he adds his reflections from over 15 years of experience in Software development, Agile coaching, Conference speaking, and working with organisations at different growth and maturity stages.

Working through the provided material and joining the practice discussions with your fellow learners will improve your game no matter what career level you are currently at.  The course material includes numerous visualisations, videos and templates which you can use right away. I walked out of each session with great new approaches to incorporate into my work life, and will come back to the provided material for inspiration for a long time to come. I highly recommend this course to coaches, managers, and leaders of any organisation.

Bernhard Herzog-Obereder
W.A.F. Institut AG

Right from the start, New Work by Design went above and beyond what I had anticipated. The course is impressively organized, offering a blend of theoretical insights and real-world applications drawn directly from Manuel's extensive experience. The blend of interactive sessions and diverse materials, including texts, visuals, and videos, significantly deepened my understanding. Manuel has a unique talent for distilling complex concepts into straightforward, compelling visuals that elevate the learning experience to a whole new level. Moreover, his skill in fostering a safe and open environment during group sessions is transformative, encouraging everyone to share profound insights freely.

Finishing New Work by Design has been a catalyst in my career and abilities, enriching my capacity to empower individuals and organizations. It solidified my foundational beliefs about human motivation and beyond.

The insights I gained on decision-making aren't just theoretical—I've put them into practice within my teams, leading to swifter, more sound decisions across our organization.

This course didn't just broaden my professional horizons; it empowered me to shape the kind of work environment that myself and others are eager to be part of, driving us to create products we truly stand behind.

I wholeheartedly endorse New Work by Design for anyone aspiring to transform their workplace into a space where they're truly excited to work. Whether you're embarking on your career or seeking to enrich your existing knowledge, this course is a treasure trove of practical wisdom and actionable strategies that can significantly impact your professional life, teams and organization. Manuel, along with the supportive community, turns the learning process into an unforgettable adventure, far beyond just acquiring new skills.

I especially valued how this course isn't a blanket solution; Manuel personalizes the learning journey during the group sessions, adapting it to fit the group's specific needs and scenarios. This approach not only makes the content more relatable but also enriches the learning experience. For those who will walk this path in the future, I encourage you to be bold and open, sharing your thoughts and challenges in the group sessions. It's a surefire way to maximize what you take away from this course.