New Work by Design
New Work by Design

New Work by Design

Putting New Work into practice.

Hi-I'm Manuel. I help founders and
org designers put New Work into practice.


3 ways I can help you

1 | Self-paced online course

A course for putting New Work into practice. Making the way you work the most decisive factor for why people join your company.

This course teaches you how to create your own organizational design based on first principles from psychology and sociology.

It will teach you the approach and the tools that I have used in the past 8 years to support companies transforming to New Work.

Paired with templates and case studies that you can use as starting points, your transformation will be better, faster, and cheaper.

Language: English
Format: Self-paced online course
Cost: 999€

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2 | Org design sprint 

Understand - sketch - decide - prototype - test one of your organizational core processes. Do in one week what otherwise takes months.

Input: an organizational process for which you want to implement a solution

Output: a tested solution and a change management strategy to put it into practice

Duration: 5 days
Location: Onsite or remote
Format: Group workshop (3-8 ppl)
Language: English or German
Cost: 6000€ (+ travel expenses if onsite)

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3 | Consulting

Book a consulting session with Manuel.

We will work on the questions and material you bring to the session.

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Remote
Format: 1:1
Language: English or German
Cost: 750€

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